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2024-25 Season

Many thanks for your interest in Unity Allstars. 


We are so excited to be releasing our information pack for season 19! Please download the pack here - 


We have had the most incredible 18th season, winning multiple National titles and of course bringing home four Globes from the World Championships, including three World titles. And of course our athletes have continued to enjoy incredible experiences and create amazing memories with their coaches and teammates. 


For the new season there have been big changes to the age grid, which dictates the teams and levels we are able to offer. Before you read the pack please note that because of this at this point nothing is set in stone. We are not committing to any specific division, level, or size of team, nor do we think that every placement from day 1 will be perfect. We will make sure we put our teams in the best position possible to have a successful and enjoyable competition experience. 


Whilst creating our teams we also want to put our athletes in a position to grow and learn within all elements of cheer. So whether it's novice, prep or an allstars team we want your athlete to continue learning how to become a well rounded all around cheerleader. With that in mind we are exploring new divisions that may challenge our athletes that are in between levels or in a new age group.


You will be asked when you arrive at evaluations if you are interested in crossing over. Crossovers will be available across the new age grid as many of the divisions do overlap creating more opportunities for all of our athletes. However please note that crossovers are not guaranteed. 


We appreciate the opportunity that you/ your family gives us to impact you/ your child. We hope that you find patience and trust the process that we feel will lead to longevity in the sport we all love.  


Evaluations are available to book now via our booking platform Coacha - please ensure that you book the correct session for you/ your athletes. There is a full step by step guide included, however if you are unsure what to book please reach out to us.


If you are new to UA please create an account for you/ your athlete here - 

Once your account is created you will be pending until we have accepted your membership. Once your membership is live you can book evaluation sessions via your member account.



Athletes born 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and those born BY 31/8/2021


Athletes born 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015



Athletes born 2007 or earlier - TUMBLE EVALUATIONS LEVELS 1-6

Athletes born 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 and a LEVEL 5-6 TUMBLERS

Current Royal, Ruby, Volt athletes 



Athletes born 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 - TUMBLE AND STUNT EVALUATIONS LEVELS 1-4


Athletes born 2009 or earlier and a NON TUMBLE ATHLETE NEW TO UA



Current Rose, Chilli, Smoke and Ivy athletes



Current Non-Tumble Worlds athletes



Flyer Evaluations

Athletes born 2012-2017


Athletes born 2011 or earlier


If you are a current Worlds flyer and wish to be

considered again book the following session (no cost for current Worlds flyers)

Video Evaluations

Please submit a single short video of no longer than 90 seconds showcasing your highest level stunts and tumble skills, as well as jumps. Please ensure it is clear which stunt position you are in.

Videos must be submitted by Friday 12th July to

To book please create a Coacha account and book for a video evaluation session via your member area; it will show under Friday 12th July. 

Please note that while all videos are fully reviewed it is far more difficult to place athletes than when they are seen in person, so please make every effort to attend.

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